Greetings Friends and Family, Welcome to the Eden’s Rose Foundation!

We are a small group of people creating cosmic ripples through time and space and we are expecting souls in harmony with our work to join us as we are infinitely more powerful when we are united.

Our expansive support programs, projects, and means can be a lot to take in all at once. We are creating this web page to help those seekers find answers, information, and a way to get involved. There is a long way to go and a lot to perk ones interest so as you take this time to dig around we want you to know… The very core of what we are doing here, the center hub of all this is caring

Where it is an environmental project, you can trust our hands have been colored by the dirt, the air breathed deeply into our lungs and our vision dedicated with love to being at one with the field of awareness (environment).

When the focus is alternative economy and we may be researching ancient traditions, sourcing materials, training teachers, empowering students, creating new markets or recreating antiquated systems; please know that we are invested (overextended) personally, spiritually, physically, mentally and with emotional love and partnership at every level of the process.

The focus shifting to the creation of access to basic life necessities was recently phrased by a member of our crew in these terms “we don’t quit, for us anything less then everything is nothing in terms of effort”. The depth of our involvement does more than graze the spiritual. That seeming to be our currency we hope that if you find this all a natural fit, you won’t hesitate to jump right in!


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