San Ramone Capacity Building 10 Setup

As we continue to develop the community service projects and basic needs infrastructure at the center in the San Ramon community, we have reached a point where the next immediate focus is the training and capacity building of a series of community representatives.

This community is loosely organized and five different sections known as clans. We are organizing a group of 10 individuals that are made up from two people (one man and one woman)  non relatives from each of the five communities. This group will commonly be known as The 10.

Their job will be to represent the needs and desires of their community through direct action, and project planning/implementation. Another part of their job will be representatives of the community in the actions of the center will be to represent the center within their community. They will contain each update and socialize their rights and accesses that the center offers and provides for community members.

We are just beginning with and engaging the themes of protocol development and management for each aspect of function and relationship between the center and the community members. This training will be committed by Jessenia as her first strike out into the communities as a development resource agent.

The first meeting started with the few community representatives going around the center cleaning it up and taking note of basic maintenance issues and evaluating each part of the structure of the center. Jessenia took this opportunity to meet with a few of the the macramé project women in this community.

In this meeting we decided with the six or seven representatives present that what was needed was more socializing of the basic themes directly within each clan of the community.

The meeting in itself was brief but the resolution was powerful and the active engagement of each of the participants from the different clans displayed a level of interest and involvement that we have not seen in the many years working in this community.

A socializing campaign is set for next week and we will visit one part of the community each day to have a clan specific meeting about how the communities can get all with the center and likewise for all people in a way that most effectively addresses the needs and desires and the access to the most basic requirements. In these meetings we will be calling for an active and vigilant effort and choosing the to representatives from each of the clans.

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