Hello! My name is Sebastiana Adelaida Salazar Cedeño. I was born in San Ramon. I am twenty years old. I only finished elementary school. I joined in a free union with José Daniel Zambrano Salazar when I was 17 years old. We have two children. The oldest is Jesús Daniel Zambrano. He is two years old and is disabled. My second child is Analía Zambrano. She is one year old.

My husband is an agricultural laborer. He cuts grass by using a machete and helps harvest corn and rice. It is a hard job because he could be bitten by a snake or cut by a sharp machete. They use strong chemicals to fumigate, and that worries me about his health, because he suffers with epilepsy, just as my first son does. He is a hard worker. I could not stand it if something happened to him. We have a really good relationship as a couple. We are going forward together in this way of life.

Working together in a month, we earn 215 USD. My husband, working as an agricultural laborer, earns 100 USD. Sometimes I have to work by helping to harvest. By making macramé, I earn 80 USD. Every month, I receive a bonus from the government of 35 USD. Our total is 215 USD, per month, but we spend 240 USD buying our food and medicine for my son and husband. Our spending is bigger than our benefits. Our parents are always helping us with medicine or food. I am suffering with anemia and gastritis.

We live in a house made of bamboo cane that belongs to my grandmother. We don´t have our own house. We hope to build our own house one day. We do not have running water service. We take it from a well to use for cooking, drinking and washing.

I have been part of “Hilos de Esperanza” for two years, and I hope to continue until the end of it. I decided to get involved to support my family. The good thing is that I have met more new friends, and I feel very much thankful about it. I hope the project never ends. My worst experience has been trying to make the new macramé technique called “encasquete,” but I hope to improve at it.

My dream is to see my son and my husband have really good health and to watch them walking around smiling and enjoying our lives together as a family. Thanks so much for being a part of my life by buying our macramé and helping me support my family. With your help our dreams will come true!

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