First Day of New Production for Christmas

first day of new production for christmasAfter a change in the structure and dynamics of The Macramé Project and several difficult decisions about the changing of administrative personnel we found ourselves heading into the Christmas season and the Holiday and festival seasons without the production opportunity for the dozens of alumni in multiple communities participating in The Macramé Project.

We have always described The Macramé Project as a life force within itself and in watching this project grow from infancy to such a fully robust program, incorporating hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands of dollars in social work, we are left in awe of its self deterministic potentiality and naturally sovereign periods of regeneration. We understand as we live with our fingers pulse of the very life force of this project that we maintain a strong social responsibility to continue offering the fruits that have grown from many years of hard work and sacrifice.

Production opportunities for the participants in the project is one of the four fundamental attributes of The Macramé Project and working together with the communities this December gives us a renewed invigoration and a hopeful spirit about the true sustainability of this project as we engage in what is principally an exit point.

Wrestling with our own organizational empty-nest syndrome is far overshadowed by the bliss we experience by watching these women come to embrace the leadership positions which they have created for themselves. After two recent meetings with attendance of 40 or 50 people from each community, we have elected as a group to open up the fundamental guidance of the project to selected volunteers from each community.

The idea is to manage from within the network of graduates and participants all of the aspects of The Macramé Project including social responsibility.

Members of The Macramé Project provide financial support for the family unit as the chief, or in some cases, the sole financial provider for the family. The stark reality faced by many of the participants in our world Montubio communities are seen and felt most profoundly in this time of year when there are no crops or harvests and the highest demand for community family and personal activities boring through the festivities of holiday and celebrations of the seasons.

We know firsthand that the difference between having an opportunity of macramé production can be the difference between having food for the family, medicines for special-needs individuals, and, in this time of year, be able to provide for the basic necessities of the household, which sometimes means just simply elevating the spirit. In a strong effort to secure an opportunity for the continued participation of our most loyal and cared graduates we designed the approach for sustainability to begin specifically with a tests that manifests as a community Christmas macramé production.

the participants from our volunteer group sorting through macrameHere we see some of the participants from our volunteer group sorting through and self managing the quality control, selecting inspirational new designs and models for socialization within the project and preparing all the accounting information through which to payments will commence of upwards of $1000 weekly adding income into these rural communities that are so closely in tune with the heartbeat of this project and who are it’s life force.

one of the original alumni of 12 women who started this project, Maria, seen here accompanied by her daughterIn the pictures we have present one of the original alumni of 12 women who started this project, Maria, seen here accompanied by her daughter who has now taken up the macramé. Mother bequeathed Representing a true inheritance of culture tradition creativity and the sovereignty that is represented by participation in this ancestral art. There is also an image of Saporito participating in the sorting of the production followers of this project may remember Saporito from the biographies that were posted on the macramé project webpage and can be seen here(insert link) Saporito continues to suffer from extreme poverty and cancer that continually affects her health, financial, and social well-being as she is often without the capacity to move about and engage her friends family and neighbors that are such a critical part of her regiment. She literally brings tears to my eyes each time she remarks of the life-giving power of the social bonds that she has formed and the opportunity for engagement in the community and the assurance of an opportunity to make much-needed income when she is bedridden or confined to the house for health reasons. Saporito is an inspiration to all of us at the macramé project and a true guiding light for all participants and her community, which elevated her to an administrative status through this new volunteer management system. Saporito is truly a matriarch of the macramé project.

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