Bringing Water to the Church

We are slowly developing the on the basic services at the church HQ here in Tosagua.

The fixing of the roof(link) and new locks to start off. A bit of paint scraping…

Now that we are running the plant project (link and correct naming) the cacao project (link and naming) the macrame project (link) including classes and over 50 full time artists we were getting a bit backed up.

To use the toilet we have been going out to fetch a pail of water for flushing and hand washing. This was not exactly effective and out of sync with the level of service we are providing.

On the same day as our visit from the beach artist (link naming) and our interview for the state wide newspaper (link) we hooked up with our old friend Raul. He had done the installation of the electricity at the center in San Ramone ( link and naming) he mentioned he could whip a quick fix so we went at it.

We pieced a few things together as the original water service was spliced through a neighbors house and came up with a simple plan that got us water outside for the roses and giant pumpkin (link to flash -photos )! Fixing the his and her toilets and the indoor sinks has really improved the level of service we can provide our participants and visitors as well as improving greatly on sanitary considerations.

Hopefully next we can get some windows to keep this never ending dust out!!!

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