Notice to Volunteers

Eden's Rose Foundation in Ecuador
Greetings welcome and thank you for becoming a part of that Eden’s Rose Foundation.

This organization has always been guided and powered by the deepest hearts desire of its member volunteers and all those we serve. It is a fundamental point of our mission to create a dialogue with and elevate the capacity for one to hear the heart voice, from that point all of our work takes form in the practice of following the hearts directive in helping empower others to follow theirs.

Our member volunteers come from all geographic social economic philosophical backgrounds and disciplines and experience sets. We all seem to be drawn to this force that is the Eden’s rose foundation through many different means and channels, one unifying point seems to be a deep desire to serve.

One first question new member volunteers often ask is “what can I do to help”, our current philosophy gives us 2 guidelines about how to address this question. The first perception we have is that the member volunteers themselves knows best by listening to their hearts guiding vision that often comes as a part of the call to join the ERF, we touch on this visionary aspect of our work even before choosing what may seem to be the most topically acceptable source for direction, I will give you an example…

Someone who may be an engineer and has valuable skills and an experience set that lends to the
perception that they may be most useful in serving communities through The design and construction of physical infrastructure. In a lot of cases this may be the true depth of the calling, we often see that when we have a need for a specific service or specialized technician that we become drawn to one another. The example of the engineer shows this year how we get a fixed into an orbit in our lives and how our previous movements becomes the guiding force for our future movements. Being that most of us have not found a way to lose completely in concert with their hearts guiding voice is possible that our orbit does not represent the will of our highest spiritual guidance system. Another way of seeing the same engineer is as someone who loves their engineering career but whose dream has always been to work with their hands in the dirt growing organic gardens of homeopathic medicinal herbs.

This engineers calling through a visionary process with his hearts guiding voice has brought us together around something that they may be deeply aware of but unable to articulate. For this reason it’s very important for all of us at the Edens rose foundation to remind ourselves and each other about the practice of following one’s heart to ensure that the opportunity for self actualization as spiritual beings having a human experience.

The second basic guideline to find out how all of us may help is a more topical one. Taking the time to let us know about your skill sets your dreams and callings can be put up against a backdrop of information about past and present Edens rose foundation projects and visionary goals we have set out for ourselves as an organization. Take time to get to know more about our projects and philosophies to see where the shape of our individuality can unify us as a collective and powerful force for positive change.

As always… Ask questions. Get informed. Get involved

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Ask questions, get informed, get involved.