Our story

Welcome to the Eden's Rose Foundation

Officially earning our Non-Profit Charity status in 2008 the Eden’s Rose Foundation already had a long history. Works now effecting Indigenous tribes in the deepest part of the Amazon Rainforest to Tibetan refuge communities in the Himalayas; are the fruits of movements seeded from the philosophy, ideas, and creativity we shared with Eden Joseph Roe. Eden never accepted the status quo of systemic global impoverishment, the mechanics that lead to the deprivation of necessary food, water, natural resources, and all fundamentals required to cultivate growth and the creative expression of the human spirit (The light of the world).

Children’s Basic Needs Centers:

The movements that bring us to an understanding and actualization of our purposes all revolve around fundamental necessities for life. Clean water for drinking and bathing, nutritious food and a safe, loving and inspiring home is exactly what our Basic Needs Centers will provide daily for up to 60 children under the age of 5. These centers also function as community refuge points, vocational training centers and the hub for direct trade programs in the community.

Community Support Programs:

“It takes a village to raise a child”. How much more can a village of strong empowered individuals do for that child?We aim to find out. Our support programs offer empowerment, skills training and opportunity to people within the community and beyond.With a special focus on skills that give women a prominent role in the local economy, we craft programs that work to revive local skills that may have been lost or in decline. Cultural arts, skills and crafts bond a community in a way the reinforces its cultural identity addition to strengthening its economic viability. This creates sustainability and the infrastructure within the community to engage regional markets and beyond.