New Macrame Competition

We are gearing up for the next macramé project competition!

And this competition set for November 5. (A day that represents Edens birthday and also the Ecuadorian national holiday commemorating artisans.) It will also be the inauguration of the project headquarters for the Edens Rose Foundation known as Rosa Del Eden, the macramé project known as Hilos De Esperanza, and the Edens Rose Organics local projects known as Monos Montubio.

And this year’s competition the girls will be picking their own stones and also their own strings of any color design or type from our extensive collection. The submitted works will be granted in five different categories the best complete set, the best necklace, the best bracelet, the best earrings, and the best ring.

The prizes are yet to be announced but the women are already beginning to select their supplies

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