• Yaneth of the Eden's Rose Foundation Macrame Project
  • Yaneth of the Eden's Rose Foundation Macrame Project

My name is Yaneth Loor Ortiz. I am 20 years old. I was born in San Ramón, Tosagua. I joined in a free union, when I was 15 years old, with Antonio Marcillo. I could have finished elementary school, but I didn’t continue because I got married. We live in Marcillos Group, a family community. We have two children; Antonio Jose, who is in 4 years old and Juan Carlos, who is 2 years old.

My husband does agricultural work on farms. He likes to raise pigs and chickens. He earns 174 USD, and my contribution is about 200 USD, that I earn with my macramé production. For this reason, I hope this project continues into the future. This money helps us to buy food and medicine for our children. We don’t own a house, we rent one. But I would love to save money and some day buy one.

I have been involved in the Macrame Project for one year. This provides an opportunity to learn how to make macramé, earn money for my family, and we can contribute to build our Basic Needs Center. A lot of things have changed in our community, because the Eden’s Rose Foundation has provided work. They help us to work as a community and take care of our culture. I would like to have my own macramé store and have money to continue my studies.

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