• Rosi of the Eden's Rose Foundation Macrame Project
  • Rosi of the Eden's Rose Foundation Macrame Project

Hi! My name is Rosa Janeth Hidalgo Loor, but everybody calls me Rosi. I was born 25 years ago in Tosagua, Manabí. I am joined in a free union with Gregorio Loor Velez. I have lived with him since I was 17. I only finished elementary school. I have two children, Estivan (6 years old) and Rony (1 year old).

My husband doesn’t have permanent work, but he tries to get jobs doing different things. He can earn 120 USD, monthly. My contribution is 115 USD. With this money, we try to live and provide basic needs for our children. This happened because I got involved in the Macramé Project 10 months ago. Before that time, I didn’t have any opportunities for work, and my family had to suffer a lot.

In the beginning, I had problems with my husband, because he did not agree with me working outside of the house. Then he came to understand that macramé is an opportunity for me to learn something new and is a work opportunity that allows me to work in my house, so I can work and take care of my children.

We don’t own a house. We rent a house in la Elba Gonzalez community. The house where we live is made of cane. When the winter comes, it is a sad time for us, because our house gets flooded.

My experience in the Macramé Project has helped me to meet other women that live in this same community, that I have never met before. Now I have a space where I have friends and partners. When someone has a problem, we talk and support each other.

Nowadays, I don’t feel good in the macramé project. The new macramé technique has been so difficult for me, and I can’t do a good bracelet, but I have to try and try until I get a good one.

I hope this project continues, and I would like it if the Edens Rose Foundation could build a Basic Needs Center here in la Elba Gonzalez community.
I have dreams. I would like to have my own macramé business, have a house for my family, and make a long trip.

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