Hello! My name is Ramona Margarita Varen Salazar. I was born in Tosagua. I am 18 years old. My family belongs to Clan Salazar in the San Ramon community. I quit school after elementary school. I didn’t want to go high school because my parents told me that studies don’t have value, and if I went to high school, I would probably get pregnant. So after I quit school, I worked in agricultural tasks, helping my dad and mom.

Three years ago, I met Gregory. He offered San Ramon women the opportunity to learn macramé. I love this idea because we can recuperate the traditions of our ancestors, and we have the opportunity to work and help our family’s economic situation. In my case, the Macramé Project helps me a lot, because I suffer with a strange skin disease that affects all of my body. With the money I get for my macramé work, I can buy medicine.

I live in a cane house that belongs to my grandmother. I live with my dad, mom, and my three brothers. My dad doesn’t have any work. Occasionally, he will work on farms that are very far from our community. We don’t have our own land to cultivate, so my parents rent a small peice of land to cultivate rice. That is our main food. This last year was not good for us, because when the winter came, it destroyed our crops. At the same time my mom was very sick.

I combine macramé work with agricultural tasks, but I prefer making macramé, because when I have to go to the farm, the sun and pesticides worsen my skin problem.

I have a dream. I would like travel to other cities and countries and show the world my macramé designs.

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