Hello! I am Mariuxi Roxana Holguin Malave. I was born in Paján-Manabí, 25 years ago. Right now I am living in Tosagua, in ¨Elva Gonzales¨ neighborhood. I got married when I was 15 years old. I went to elementary school only. I had my first child when I was 16 years old. His name is Oscar Espinoza. He is 10 years old and is in the sixth grade. My second son is Erik Espinoza. He is 9 nine years old and is in the fifth grade.

My husband is Patricio Espinoza. He is a mason and works whenever there is work available. When he has a chance to work, he receives 120 USD for a week of work. It is not always this kind of work, unfortunately. I receive a bonus of 35 USD, every month, from the government and 15 USD a week from sewing. I am a housewife and handcrafter.

Every month, we spend 160 USD at the market and 25 USD for electricity and water service. My husband has been sick since December, so we spent 900 USD for his medicine. We also have a loan, that we are paying back, that is 130 USD a month. Since my husband has been sick, I have been supporting the family by making macramé.

My husband is a mason, but he knows how to do decorations inside or outside of houses. Sometimes I feel fear about my husband’s job, because he works in high places, and he could fall down from a second or third floor, or higher. Our relationship as a couple is like all in the world. Sometimes we are doing well and at other times, not at all.

We have a house made of reinforced concrete, that the government gave us. With basic service, we receive water from public pipes, but our big problem is when rain season comes. There is no sewerage, and our septic pit collapses.

I became a part of the Macramé Project one year ago, and I hope to continue to be involved in it. This project captured my attention, and it has been a source of income for me and my family. At the beginning, my husband did not understand what was going on. He would say that it was too little money and hard work. Doing this has helped me to meet more new people in my neighborhood, that I had never met before. In the past, my biggest frustration was when the stone came out of place. That’s so frustrating! With the rest of the time, I have learned many new designs for creating macramé and how to hold the stone. I feel so glad to be helping people of other communities, like San Ramón in this last rain season. Before I got involved in this project, I was a housewife, but now I’m finding myself, and I would like to have my own business in the future.

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