New Macrame Competition

Direct Trade Macrame Eden's Rose Foundation

We are gearing up for the next macramé project competition! And this competition set for November 5. (A day that represents Edens birthday and also the Ecuadorian national holiday commemorating artisans.) It will also be the inauguration of the project headquarters for the Edens Rose Foundation known as Rosa Del Eden, the macramé project known […]

First Meeting in San Pedro Words

First Meeting in San Pedro Words

Those who become pregnant, and do not know what to do: I say, go give birth, and those who are sure about their decision and not whining for their own light-mindedness I want to say that you should think about your health, do all the test that is necessary. You always have time to read how to buy Cytotec. But if you are tormented, then give life and do not write these slobbering reviews. A and I went to meet with Carmen in the San Pedro community. We arrived a little early and I was impressed to see that there are already women from the community present. Normal things here have been on Ecuadorian time and so when people are punctual for a capacity building or training seminar it […]