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The group trip with the macrame project competition winners to the local beach was inspiring eye-opening and productive. In calling around to different stands of macramé artists collections the girls from our project really began to understand the value of the opportunities that are available to them if they chose to pursue a career as an independent artist producer.

After visiting many tables there was one they settled on as the absolute source for inspiring ideas, instilling awe and reverence for the possibilities in macramé. We made a great connection with the husband couple who was representing their incredible art. They decided to come back to to Osaka and spend some time visiting with us and getting to know more about our project and getting to know some of the participants better.

This kind of interaction with local artists is absolutely integral to the development and the socialization of macramé as a legitimate and artistic opportunity for engaging in economy and culture. This lovely couple visited us with their young child and spent an entire day and night teaching learning and sharing with us. In the end we consummated the new found friendship with a trade. They shared with us some of their sacred macramé and we shared with them some of our precious gemstones.

It was a heartfelt feeling of well and homecoming the entire time sharing stories of the women’s development and projects. The affected time in their lives and sharing with us about their development through the process and the art of macramé. Their macramé artistic capabilities and spiritual philosophy of the cultural heart were firmly rooted in the concept of working together and sharing.

Just saying yes specifically took a lot away from the meeting as her new role of being the director of macramé project connects her with the people in the courses in a different project locations the philosophy and science of macramé and technique with a new level of intimacy. She was thrilled to learn a new way of terminating the long strands with a special knot she has been trying to resolve four years.

This a fair was very much representative of the closing and the opening through concentric circles that defines the art of macramé and the philosophy of our project. We hope to have more visitors here in the future if anyone would like to join us please note our door is always open!

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