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Arise Music Fest

First Day of New Production for Christmas

first day of new production for christmas

After a change in the structure and dynamics of The Macramé Project and several difficult decisions about the changing of administrative personnel we found ourselves heading into the Christmas season and the Holiday and festival seasons without the production opportunity for the dozens of alumni in multiple communities participating in The Macramé Project. We have […]

2013 Holiday Market

Groovelink 2013 Harvest Celebration

Join together and support your local non-profit! The Eden’s Rose Foundation will be taking over the parking lot of Tasty Freeze on Delaware Avenue, in Delmar, NY. Our booth will feature unique hand-crafted direct-trade treasures from Ecuador and India. Give not once, but twice this year! Each purchase of a gift for your loved one […]

Land in Juncal

land in juncal

The Juncal Community is the first neighboring community to San Ramon. It shares a similar landscape in terms of typography as well as sociology. We have often doubled the communities together in our project efforts. During the flooding times of 2012 both communities were served through our emergency aid response. The water system in the […]

Bringing Water to the Church

water to church

We are slowly developing the on the basic services at the church HQ here in Tosagua. The fixing of the roof(link) and new locks to start off. A bit of paint scraping… Now that we are running the plant project (link and correct naming) the cacao project (link and naming) the macrame project (link) including […]

Beach People Inspiration Visit

beach inspiration

The group trip with the macrame project competition winners to the local beach was inspiring eye-opening and productive. In calling around to different stands of macramé artists collections the girls from our project really began to understand the value of the opportunities that are available to them if they chose to pursue a career as […]

New Macrame Competition

Direct Trade Macrame Eden's Rose Foundation

We are gearing up for the next macramé project competition! And this competition set for November 5. (A day that represents Edens birthday and also the Ecuadorian national holiday commemorating artisans.) It will also be the inauguration of the project headquarters for the Edens Rose Foundation known as Rosa Del Eden, the macramé project known […]